IMES ManagementInternational Management and
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How everything started

IMES founder Prof. Dr. Weidmann started in the banking business. As a member of the Executive Management Board of Swiss Banking Corporation (SBC), he was responsible for corporate finance and in charge of domestic corporate clients. In 1997, his clients small and medium-size businesses – were hit by an economic downturn. The main reason for this was the globalisation process triggered, among others, by the growth of the WTO World Trade Organisation, which provided for a step-by-step reduction of tax barriers, but also by email which made communication faster and cheaper, and international commercial flights for people and goods offered at favourable prices. European companies were – mostly involuntarily – forced to shift labour-intense work to Asia (in parallel, U.S. companies moved their production sites to Mexico).

IMES Management AG’s business goal was to support these clients of the bank by establishing new production facilities in Asia. Before 2000, the main motivation was cheap labour and therefore lower production costs; in the new millennium, the reason to go East is mainly to penetrate the new developing markets.