IMES ManagementInternational Management and
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Selected Projects

  • Set-up of a production plant for power supply assembly in South China more
  • Set-up and operation of 4 production plants for high-precision tooling and plastic moulding, high-tech electronics and mechatronics assembly in three Southeast Asian countries (contract manufacturing) more
  • Relocation of production of kitchen tools of a Swiss OEM company to key suppliers in South China and closing down of Swiss plant more
  • Support in setting up a production facility in India for a multinational company manufacturing railway equipment, including technology transfer from Europe
  • Relocation of semiconductor equipment from an OEM company in Switzerland to Singapore
  • Establishing and monitoring an improvement programme in a Singapore plant (subsidiary of Swiss OEM company) manufacturing and selling equipment for the aviation industry
  • Evaluation of strategic suppliers in China for a German OEM company
  • Restructuring the site of a Swiss OEM company and improving the operational excellence of a subsidiary plant in Eastern China
  • Establishing a production strategy for a Swiss OEM company selling building control systems
  • Setting up several companies in Eastern Germany (Sachsen-Anhalt and Brandenburg) involved in plastic processing
  • Establishing a start-up company in Switzerland developing new air conditioning systems