Set-up of a production plant for power supply assembly in South China (Salcomp/Nokia)


To set-up a production unit in the Shenzhen region and start mass production of a mobile adapter.


An IMES core team together with experts from Hong Kong managed the whole set-up from the green field to large mass production:

  • Evaluation of location and site
  • Legal set-up
  • Renovation
  • Setting up of assembly lines
  • Hiring and training people
  • Evaluation of suppliers
  • Establishing all the necessary systems

At that time in China, industrial parks, local services, logistics, and suppliers were in the very early stage of industrial development.


In a poorly developed environment, series production started within a timeframe of 6 months, including ISO certification. Hundreds of staff were recruited and trained from scratch. After a successful start, the company developed very quickly under the new ownership of Salcomp (Finland) New factories opened in the Shenzhen region. Today it is the biggest market player for mobile adapters producing more than 20 million battery chargers per month (10,600 employees).