General manager Von Roll main factory in Breitenbach, Switzerland


IMES acted as temporary GM of plant in Breitenbach (Switzerland), producing electrical insulation products. Main focus to implement efficiency program and develop masterplan for future use of area in Breitenbach.


  • Increase actions and measures to improve efficiency and quality level
  • Investment in new high standard production and test equipment for wire and insulation material
  • Intensify cooperation and use synergies between Breitenbach plant and Von Roll sites in France
  • Develop and assess options for future use of Von Roll area in Breitenbach
  • Planning new green-field plant in Von Roll area Breitenbach for insulation material
  • Transfer plan for move of current insulation production into new building


  • Ensure profitability in a very challenging business environment
  • Awareness of employees for quality and on-time delivery
  • Supply chain with commodity teams for dedicated products