Move Wire Bonder production from ESEC in Switzerland to Singapore


Relocation of wire bonder product line from headquarter ESEC in Cham to new renovated plant in Singapore. IMES as Global Operations Manager (and later in Singapore as Operations Manager) took the lead for whole project until ramp-up and certification.


  • Planning whole transfer: push- and pull-teams, training programs, costs, time schedule, …
  • Evaluate building in Singapore including rental agreement with Singapore Science Park II
  • Fit-out of building with local contractors: install all equipment for assembly, testing and warehouse
  • Establish organization in Singapore (production, logistics, QA, Supply Chain) and  processes in line with Operational Excellence principles
  • Recruite and lead local management team, operators and staff
  • Establish with Global Supply Chain Management of mother company in Switzerland local supplier base (mainly Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan)
  • Implement new business process, expecially customer order and production
  • delivery to customer (including financial reporting)
  • Ramp-up production and obatain certifications


  • Smooth transition period, keep product delivery schedules and quality standard
  • Very short ramp-up, within 2 months
  • New local suppliers with excellent performance