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Relocation of production of kitchen tools from Switzerland to South China and closing down of the original Swiss plant


To transfer production (tooling, injection moulding, stamping, assembly) of kitchen tools from a Swiss plant to South China.


In its function as a global operations manager, IMES was fully responsible for:

  • Managing production in the Swiss factory
  • Planning and executing the technology transfer (know-how transfer)
  • Evaluating and developing strategic suppliers in South China
  • Establishing new supply chain processes between suppliers in China and sales origanisation in Europe

Manufacturing of products (including key assets) was transferred to four strategic suppliers in South China. Storage, shipping, and the distribution of goods to end customers was taken over by an international forwarder.

The production in Switzerland was shut down gradually and at the end production equipment was sold at a final auction.


Shut-down and technology transfer was realised exactly within the targeted time of 18 months. Challenge to maintain production in Switzerland during technology transfer and ramp-up time in China. Managing a complex task without any delay or quality problems.