IMES ManagementInternational Management and
Engineering Services

Four good reasons to choose IMES

1. Profound experience in setting up businesses

  • Capable to take over full responsibility for building and to operate new ventures
  • Assembling comprehensive efficient teams including all relevant specialists

2. Proven track record in turnarounds and restructuring

  • Worldwide consolidation and relocation of production facilities
  • Implementation of all kinds of outsourcing and process improvement programmes

3. Large local network and toolbox

  • Comprehensive databases maintained by IMES (industrial parks, suppliers, labour & tax regulations, etc.)
  • Local network allowing you to find appropriate local business partners, suppliers, certification agents, tenants, IT systems providers etc.

4. Carefree service

  • One partner for you covering every discipline
  • From planning to troubleshooting
  • Hands-on approach